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About .myFuture Foundation

Established in October 2008 by Founder, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. The foundation was created so young Malaysians of the ages 15 to 30, will engage and explore with each other on issues that are relevant to not just their 'lives' but to nation-building. Simple issues such as gaining skills and micro credit programmes, and even public transport may seem rather trivial but are actually clues to a blue-print of transforming a successful nation to an even more progressive one. The Foundation hopes that youths will also exchange ideas, be they trivial or sensitive and mundane and empower each other towards success.

The Foundation focuses on nation-building in a multicultural country, aspiring to create a new generation of Malaysian leaders, thinkers and mentors. It aims to groom Malaysians who are part of the process too as active participants.

Our Core Values